What Techniques Should I Use To Improve My Time Management And Productivity?

The way of enhancing the productivity of your time is different depending on individuals. The best way to find out what time-management is appropriate for you is that YOU NEED TO DO TRIAL AND ERROR OVER AND OVER AGAIN like you could read any books and materials as to time management method or make use of a variety of schedules and apps of time management.

This time, I’m going to show you THREE WAYS to improve productivity and efficiency of your time. (All of these are from the experts who would state all the time.)

First, There Is "Pomodoro" Methodology.

There is time management methodology which is called “Pomodoro”. This methodology was suggested by Francesco Cirillo at first in the late 80s. That explained that you should focus on the tasks during 25 minutes and after that you need to take a rest for 5 minutes. All this process is being worked with timer shaped like “tomato”. (Pomodoro means “tomato” in Italy.)

I think you can set how much time you are going to focus on your plans (25mins is not mandatory) flexibly to suit your disposition. I guess the intention of Francesco Cirillo is that people should know how to set plans on unit of time. (It could be minutes or hours.) This time-management methodology also highlights the moment of “Taking a rest”between time you focus on your plans.

There are a plenty of books and applications regarding “Pomodoro Methology” I suggest you could give it a try.

Second, You Need To Set Criteria On The Importance Of Plans.


It is also important for you to get an ability to separate your plans as to importance. You know that we have a lot of things to do every day. Depending on the trait of “each work”, the importance of plans are also fluctuating like you need to be hurried to finish one.

All of men tend to put back stuffs like they don’t want to do. But, what if there is a work which is urgent to finish but we are too reluctant to start? Let me think there is the work coming deadline. However you even don’t give it a try and what you actually finish on the day is the rest of plans which are trivial to finish in fact.   

Then, I certainly think that YOU TOTALLY FAIL TO SET THE PLANS ON THE DAY. So I sincerely recommend that you ought to manage your time having with “a criteria” which could be A,B and C according to the importance of your works.

For instance, You can put the most significant plan which is needed to somewhat high concentration on A and On B, you can write the plan which is less important the plan of A. Upon C, you could write about the plan which could make you messed up so you need to urgent to delete it for making you more concentration on the rest of plans.


Third, Make Short, Middle And Long Term Plans.

Last, It’s also necessary to make your plans in short, middle and long term at the same time. There are tons of people who enjoy writing daily diary but just only for the day. I absolutely admire that these people are also having a good habit to write about their daily plan.

However, I think the people who only write a daily plans and goals could make their long-term plans blurred as time goes by. It means that it could be impossible for you to give a self-feedback because you can’t remember all day’s your goals.

To find out yourself better and get a motivation, you need to make plans on a week, a month and a year. Looking back your life is also important part to be more productive and efficient upon your life.

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