What Is "Pomodoro" Time Management?

There is time management methodology which is called “Pomodoro”.
This methodology was suggested by Francesco Cirllo at first in the late 80s.
That explained that you should focus on the tasks during 25 minutes
and after that you need to take a rest for 5 minutes.
All this process is being worked with timer shaped like “tomato”.
(Pomodoro means “tomato” in Italy.)

There are a stardard steps of how to make use of “Pomodro” Methodology.

① Make A To-Do List (It Could Be A Study Or Work Depending On Individuals.)

② Set a Pomodoro Time (25 Minutes.)

③ Do Your Study (Or Work) During 25 Minutes.

④ After 25 Minutes, Leave Your Seat And Take A Rest For 5 Minutes.

⑤ You Ought To Make A Set 25 Minutes Work Together With 5 Minutes Taking A Rest.

⑥ Do Repeat This Set Four Times During 2 Hours.

⑦ After This Process, You Could Be More Flexible Like Taking A Rest For 20 Minutes.



This step is just suggested by Francesco who made “Pomodoro” time management skill.
Just because people who use this methodology get a limited time for 25 minutes,
They are trying hard to get amount of works they might set a plan done.
Though they don’t even get the work done in deadline time, there is nobody to scold
and criticize you like “Why haven’t you done this work, deadline is set just till now!” beside you.
It could make you feel not tensed, but relieved.



However, I just want you to remember that the time you focus on and
the time you take a rest could be way more flexible to suit the best for you.
For people you wish to make the best use of their time efficiently,
Pomodoro methodology might be one of the solutions if it’s fit on you well.

Especially, due to Covid-19, There are tons of office workers working at home
and students studying at home as well. Just like the more free time they might get,
the more people try to do self-improvement reading a book or studying other foreign languages.
I hope Pomodoro Methodology could be a help for those people to find a way of getting


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