You can lead your life efficiently with DoteTimer

DoteTimer App Can Enable You To Become
More Focused, Self-Controllable And Productive.

Available On: Android & IOS


To Get Activated Dote Timer App, Flip Your Phone So That You Could Finally Get Out Of Any Interruptions Of Your Phone! 

Timeline & Record

Totally Visable. Easy To Compare What You Plan With What You Actually Accomplished. Enable To Give Yourself Feedback.


Fully Customizable. Visualize Your Days When You Are Absorbed In Your Plans. Easy To Recognize Your Long-Term Plans.  


You Could Get 1 Coin In Every 10 Minutes You Focus On Your Plans. All Coins Would Be Donated To Underserved Students.

Even for people who are lack of time-management ability, we offer them automatic record system to get them make up plans for themselves.

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We’re supporting English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese,
Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Russian, Iranian, Arabic 18 Languages in total!

Extra Features


Now We Are Supporting
18 Languages In Total.
Willing To Support More Languages.


We Provide Both 
Black And White Theme Colors.
Choose What You Want.


Have A Fun With Gamification. 
You Can Communicate With
Users And Get Motivated.

Premium Model

You Need More Convenience?
Check Our Brand New Premium Model!


Choose a Date

You can choose dates you want
just on calender of the app.

PLAN alarm

You can set the alarm just
before starting the plan.

Touch Timer

Now just by clicking the button of “Start” Dote-Timer is going to get worked.

Data Backup

You can back-up data and bring them back anytime you need through Google-drive.

Detailed Statistics

Through days and timezone states,
Make your days balanced!

Customize Colors

You could edit the color of plans
to whatever you want.

Silent Camera

Record your moments with a silent
camera in a quite place!

Statistics Color

Statistic color has been updated
to 12 colors till now.

Tutorial For Beginner

Check Our Tutorial Video Just Before Start!


Make Your Time Worth, Make Their Life Rich!

1 Dotebook = 3000 Coins
The Ratio Could Be Variable




113 Copies Of Dotebook
To A Charity Institution
(Called Samdong Boy’s Town)
June, 25, 2021

130 Copies Of Dotebook
To A Charity Institution
(Called Beautiful Store),
April, 26, 2021

100 Copies Of Dotebook
To A Charity Institution
(Called Beautiful Store),
August, 14, 2020

Number Of Contributions

Base Date June 25, 2021

The Status Of Contribution
Would Keep Being Updated.


We Are Going To Keep You Updated With Imformative Time Management Articles to Get Individuals And Teams Reach Their Highest Goals.

 12 April 2021

What Techniques To Improve Your Time Management!

The way of enhancing the productivity of your time is different depending on individuals. The best way…

09 April 2021

Why Time Management
Is Important?

I can say that time-management is the most important part in your life. Let me tell you the 3 reason…

30 March 2021

What Is “Pomodoro” Time Management?

There is time management methodology which is called “Pomodoro”. This methodology was suggested…

Additional Resources

Depending on the individual or group’s purpose,
Utilize a variety of planners with Dote-timer.

Dote-planner shares the very
same template with Dote-timer.

That means if you make use of them together,
your time management skill is going to
be increased magnificently.

101 Days Dote Planner

101 Daily Version

A planner that you can write with a new mindset, like every day is January first.

During 101 days, experience your improved time-management skill.

52 Weeks dote planner

52 Weekly Version

It makes you know that what’s
going on for a week precisely.

During 52 weeks, let’s check your
organized data of each plan on the week.



Dotebook means a combination
of “Dote and Book”

You could keep your handwriting neat and
stretch your imagination infinitely.

Who We Are?

Every Day, Every Month, Every Year
The person who drives ones life’s direction is only “ourselves.”

Time-management is the most difficult challenges for every people who might be students or people
who have specialized knowledge all around world.

In the era of technology development day by day, We’ve been considering a lot about how we could help people manage their time efficiently without any interference elements.

At the end of all concern, we developed a “dote timer app”.


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How To Contact DoteTimer

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Email us anytime if you have got ideas or any improvement needed on DoteTimer.
We sincerely appreciate all of your honest opinions for making our DoteTimer better than now.