Premium Model Keeps Updated!

We keep adding new function for Premium model! Study and Work more efficiently.
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Check Complete PLAN

You can check completion on each plan. Classifying plans according to success or failure, You can be more productive As you make plans for the next days.


With it, You can benefit 3 kinds of thing in total. 1. Get rid of Worst thing happened on the day. 2. Take a even tiny achievements on your day. 3. Be prepared for the next day.

Coin Boost

In specific time, the quantity of coins  you could earn will be increased. Don't miss a chance that You can get extra coins!

App Block

You can block any other apps disturbing you while activating Dotetimer. Choose apps you want to block and Boost your concentration!

Export Data

You can download all  of your Data on Plan & Record with CSV file Possible for you to be organized!

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